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You might be wasting precious clean water in many ways than you think as you go about your regular routine around the house. Instead, just by implementing small changes in your daily household habits, you save on water costs and, also conserve, reuse and recycle this essential resource.

Here are some simple, smart solutions to keep H2O around a little longer:

  1. Fix that leak  According to the EPA, leaky faucets can accumulate to almost 1 trillion gallons of wasted water per year. Place a bucket or a container under the leak – You can use this water for household plants or your garden.
The Facts on Leaks –
  1. Save the pasta and veggies water!  – After you boil pasta or steam veggies, instead of throwing it down the drain, reuse it to water the plants, or better, just repurpose it as stock water. This retains the nutrition.
  1. Harvest rainwater – Instead of using your garden hose to water the lawn or wash your car, just set-up a large water-catchment barrel under a downspout. One-time investment in a barrel from Home Depot or Lowe’s will cost you anywhere from $50-$85, but will save you hundreds in water bills over the years.
  1. Use water-intensive appliances only with a full load – When you do your laundry, skip the extra rinse cycle and use it only on a full load – they can use up to 40 gallons of water per load! Dishwashers consume approximately 10 gallons per cycle.

By conserving and recycling clean water, you’re saving yourself some dollars, and also helping Mother Nature just a little!