Yesterday in class we had the pleasure of having our friend Adam Webster, a water expert help to give an initial analysis on the data we have collected thus far.

Looking at our data you can clearly see that there is a fair amount of change in the conductivity levels for all three sites, including several significant spikes, which was very intriguing to us. Our first thought is that these spikes might be due to dam releases and changing water levels at the Morgantown Lock and Dam. Which would both be influenced by rainfall as well as boat traffic needing to pass through.

Our first step to try and find if these are potential indicators is to gather weather report data for the past month and compare the times it rained heavily with the spikes in data, which we will be doing this week. Another goal for this week is to find out the dam release schedule which we have been informed is not as readily available as it once was.

You can find our data at the following link Conductivity Readings.