Water is a necessity for life. We drink it. We boil it for food. We bathe in it. We use it to wash our clothes.

But shift the discussion from water in the everyday to broader environmental issues and trends, and water can suddenly seem untenable. It can be difficult to feel the human connection between a water issue, such as climate change, energy policy, or a community’s lack of access to clean water, and our own daily lives.

This is why documentary work and reporting can be so important: it gives names and faces to those affected. It reveals the many ways water is integral to the mundane tasks that make up our day-to-day. It shows how those without reliable access to good water are just like us.

What follows are links to projects that emphasize the human side of water.

On Flint, MI:

On water and communities:

The global scale of water issues:

Water scarcity: