My first attempt with the Matterport on Federal Hill in Baltimore was unsuccessful, because of the intensity of the sun. Only the first scan appeared and it had difficulty scanning subsequent positions. I believe the sunshine confused the camera, because my second attempt resulted in a complete set of scans.

On a day with a gray overcast, I used the Matterport at the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland. A plexiglass lay overtop of the camera to protect it during the light rain. The white van in the corner of the alley eventually moved, but the Matterport did not have great difficulty scanning. I may have had to redo one or two scans after the vehicle moved, and it was unable to scan when it began to rain steadily, thus rendering it  unable to complete the entire alleyway. Overall, the process of photographing with the Matterport that day went smoothly.

Overall, I feel pleased with the results and am impressed with the quality. I was concerned about the blur of people and passing vehicles, but the distortion provided motion to the still frames. This particular location attacks me as the artwork changes frequently. I met a couple artists who were doing their own scanning of the walls for a new canvas, and I look forward to the changing artwork in the Graffiti Warehouse.

-Emily Pelland