Friends of Friends

One of the most popular features of the program is the larger network of innovators that our Innovators-in-Residence bring into the classroom. In addition to presenting to students, they help lead workshops and training events with our community members and regional media. This opens eyes and doors for our faculty, students and media partners.


Sarah Slobin Guests:

thee-brenanMegan Thee-Brenan is the deputy editor of news surveys at The New York Times. She is a survey researcher with polling expertise encompassing design, implementation, analysis and reporting New York Times polls.



barryRob Barry is data and investigative reporter at The Wall Street Journal with expertise in reporting, computer programming and database analysis.




Brian Boyer is NPR's news applications editor. He came to NPR from the Chicago Tribune, where he led a similar team of data journalists, designers and developers who built news applications and editorial tools.Brian Boyer worked as a visuals editor at NPR. Before NPR, he interned with ProPublica and founded the news applications team at the Chicago Tribune.




sewardZach Seward is the VP of product and executive editor at Quartz. He previously worked as the editor of outreach and social media at The Wall Street Journal.

craigMatt Craig is the CEO and co-founder of, a content agency and platform connecting companies who have a story to tell with a global network of freelance photographers, videographers and writers in 170 countries. He formerly worked as the photo editor at The Wall Street Journal.



Phoebe Connelly Guests:

chow Emily Chow is the design editor at The Washington Post. She is a visual storyteller, designer and developer. She previously worked as the assignment editor for story design and graphics editor at The Washington Post.

stahlJessica Stahl is the editor for social, search and communities at The Washington Post. She is running a team of embedded  audience development/social media specialists working throughout the Washington Post newsroom to grow audiences, build communities and increase digital/social skillsets.

ribasJorge Ribas is a video reporter at The Washington Post. As a videographer, writer and digital strategists, his expertise is in short-form news, communications and marketing content. Previously he worked as a senior multimedia specialists at The Nature Conservancy.



brunsDavid Bruns is the executive producer for original video at The Washington Post, and is responsible for story assignment, management and output of video content that reaches the world’s largest news providers and millions of viewers each day. Previously he worked as the video supervisor at the Associated Press



darcherDan Archer is the founder of Empathetic Media a multimedia, virtual reality and augmented reality production studio based in Brooklyn, New York. He is also a Fellow assessing the impact and metrics of virtual reality at Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism.

mulcahyGlenn Mulcahay is the head of Innovation with RTÉ Technology, Ireland’s national public broadcaster, and over the last six years he has inspired and driven the growth of mobile journalism within RTÉ’s newsroom and across other European broadcasters.


John Ketchum Guests:

rajaTasneem Raja is a senior editor at NPR’s Code Switch. She is also currently teaching data visualization at Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. Raja has broad experience with different forms of storytelling such as long-form magazine features, written code, podcasts, and radio shows.


parrisTerry Parris Jr. is the engagement editor for ProPublica where he specializes in community building, crowdsourcing and distributed reporting. He is also currently teaching at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Previously he was the digital editor for Detroit Public Radio.


mullinsDexter Mullins is the senior producer at NowThis. He has experience in breaking news, broad cast and digital news. Previously he worked as an associate producer at CBS Interactive.

bufordTalia Buford is a labor reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit investigative journalism organization. She covers topics like worker safety and rights, unions and the Labor Department. Prevsioulsy she worked as an energy policy reporter at Politico.