By Hailey Truman

For our first video our group decided to shoot Jimmy John’s because we thought it would be something cool and different to see. Almost everyone loves ordering Jimmy John’s so why not shoot behind the scenes and show what goes into making those beloved 30-second sandwiches.

First, we started shooting at angles that would capture what is going on — on one side of the counter from the customers point of view and then we slowly moved the shots behind the counter. As a former employee, I was the only one allowed behind the counter.

I took the camera off of the tripod and set it on the corner of a prepping table in order to  get close up views of the workers and the display of different ingredients that go on the sandwiches.

Next we leaned the camera over the top of the cold table to get sort of an aerial view of the sandwich makers and just to try to test out a different angle. It was an okay angle to try but not the best.

I think the video came out pretty well and some angles we tried to shoot didn’t really come out properly but it was a trial and error type thing. You sort have to shoot at the angles you think would work best with the type of scenario you’re shooting.

The stitching for the video could’ve been better but I did what I could in the turnaround time for the assignment deadline.